Our Roastery is constantly on the hunt for the best single origin green coffee. Once found, they are examined and roasted in small batches to ensure the high quality.

Our coffee is selectively sourced from different producers around the world, and it’s assured to be of specialty grade. Upon receiving the samples, we roast and cup each one to assure they’re worth sharing with our fellow coffee enthusiasts at ECHO.

We believe that the best way to honour our green coffee producers and their hard work is to uphold their coffee’s quality by roasting them to perfection. We aim to bring out the true potential of their beans by carefully tweaking their roast profile and fine tuning the process through series of cupping and we don’t rest until the desired roast profile is achieved.

We are determined to constantly improve our roasting skills to ensure that our high benchmark of quality is reached with every roast, if not exceeded.

Our principle is simple; We enjoy only the highest quality of coffee, and we share only what we enjoy.