The ECHO branding and creative direction, from idea phase, to the end of the project, was done by KEY HOUSE OF CREATION.

When one of the biggest coffee enthusiasts in the region reached out with an idea of opening her own cafe and roastery, KEY HOUSE OF CREATION knew it needed to be special. Being one of the first of its kind in AbuDhabi, the brand was designed with the notion of the concept having an impact in the region. The name ECHO was then chosen for the cafe and ECHO MACHINE for the roastery. The ECHO colours were chosen very early on and in the branding phase by KEY HOUSE OF CREATION, with the interior in mind. Every single aspect of the brand was bespoke and custom made to help the brand stand out as a true pioneer. The cafe was the first in the region to have custom made ceramic cups (designed by KEY HOUSE OF CREATION and made by Canadian ceramic artist Talia) for their dine-in patrons.